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Nixie vom Reichtal SCH1 CGC


Nixie & Heather Nixie & Heather

Nixie Bite WorkNixie is my dream dog. She has been the best dog I have ever had the pleasure to work with and has taught me a lot. She could have gone anywhere but was held back by me. Nixie has super working drives, both prey and defense, and always gives 100%. Nixie is a strong athletic girl with a very sound temperament.

Nixie and I trained and competed in Schutzhund as well as some Dock diving and general obedience. She would have preferred to have continued to train but made the transition to house dog when my son started to require more time and we no longer were training.Nixie Bite Work









I had hoped to breed her but waited too long and as a result I lost out on what could have been a great addition to my breeding program. Nixie is so incredibly intelligent and easy to train and I had hoped to keep a daughter to continue on with. Luckily one of Nixie's sisters has been a great producer and her owner has not only a niece but also a Nixie grand niece. We are hoping to add a puppy from the same bloodlines to our family in the next couple of years.

At almost 13 1/2 Nixie is still going strong and we hope to have her around for many more years. Although she is no longer training she still enjoys lots of ball playing and going on hikes in the woods.


Nixie Bed


Nixie's Birthday
Nixie's 10th Birthday Raine and Jacob helped her celebrate. :-))


Nixie 11 Years Old
Nixie 11 years old and the love of my life!


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