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Kriegershaus Puppy Questionnaire

Thank you in advance for answering our questions. Your answers will help us to determine which puppy is right for you and if the German Shepherd is a good choice for your family! Please feel free to add any additional information that you may feel is important.

Your Name Required:

Your Street Address Required:

Your City, State, and Postal Code/Zip Required:

Your E-Mail Address Required:
**Please double-check & triple-check your e-mail address!**

Phone Number Required:

How did you find us?  Personal referral, web search, referred from another website?

Do you prefer a male or female puppy and why?

Do you have a color or coat preference (long vs short)?

What activities do you plan to be involved in with your German Shepherd?
Check all that apply

Family Pet, Companion,
Conformation Showing,

Is your entire family in agreement about getting a GSD?


Do you have a fenced yard?


Do you plan to crate train your puppy?


Have you ever trained a dog before? What type of training - to what level?

Do you plan on obedience training your dog? Are you planning to take your puppy to a trainer or school, or will you be training your puppy/dog yourself?

Do you have any intention of starting a breeding program now or in the future?


If no, do you intend to spay/neuter your German Shepherd?


If no - why not?

Do you live in:

The area where you live is best described as:

Do you rent or own your residence?


Have you ever owned a GSD before?

How much socialization do you think a GSD needs? How and where will you socialize your dog?

How much exercise/mental stimulation do you think a GSD needs? How do you plan to provide this exercise?

Are there any children in your family? Please include ages.

Where will your new puppy spend its days?

Where will your new puppy spend its nights?

How many hours each day will your TM puppy spend alone?

Please give us the name, address and phone number of your vet (or one who has worked with you in the past).

Do you have any questions or comments?

Thank you for taking the time to provide me with this information!



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